Breathalyser Recalibration Service

The Drink Buddy BT-1 & BT-2 Breathalysers use a fuel cell sensor engine to measure breath alcohol levels and will require re-calibration to maintain the breathalyser to Australian standards. For BT-1 models, the calibration period is 6 months or 500 uses, whichever occurs first. For BT-2 models, the calibration period is 12 months or 700 uses, whichever occurs first.

If you receive erratic or high readings your breathalyser may need re-calibration.
Do not attempt to service it yourself. 
In order to keep your breathalyser in good working condition, we recommend that you blow into it at least once a month to ensure the sensor does not dry out.


Model Name Pro-line BT-1 Breathalyser Calibration Service
Model Code BT-RECAL
Barcode # 9355480000271
Brand Pro-line

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